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AZOT International Race on February 26 - 27, 2022: Looks like the majority of people who raced in the 2022 AZOT International had a great experience and left on Sunday feeling like they definitely got their money’s worth. As with any event, there were some glitches and last minute surprises, but the energetic team of volunteers and Canyon track people worked together to keep the event moving smoothly and with some intense racing excitement. There were 131 total racers, 115 Old Timers, eight 30+ Vet and eight Support Under 30, in the different classes. Most classes finished three races on Saturday...

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2022, Canyon, February, Race Recap, Spring Series - Posted on

Canyon on Sunday, February 22: First, a big “Thank You” to Linda Neil for taking some photos for our website – great job, Linda!!! Got a couple of good ones of Jeff and his favorite competitor, Darren, didn’t you! Even our Photographer Bonnie gets a day off now and then. The third Spring Series race at Canyon was a highly-charged practice event a week before the AZOT International where everyone gets unknown competition from across the Western US and Canada. A lot of evenly paired racers, in all classes, made for some very tight motos! First up in Race 4...

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